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Powerful Insight and Troubleshooting Tools

Meraki’s cloud architecture delivers powerful insight and includes live tools integrated directly into the dashboard, giving instant analysis of performance, connectivity, and more. Using live tools, network administrators no longer need to go on site to perform routine troubleshooting tests. Visibility into devices, users, and applications gives administrators the information needed to enforce security policies and enable the performance needed in today’s demanding network environments.

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Cloud Management Architecture


Meraki’s cloud platform is designed to spread computation and storage across independent server clusters in geographically isolated datacenters. Any server or datacenter can fail without affecting customers or the rest of the system. Additionally, Meraki’s datacenter design is field proven to support tens of thousands of endpoints.

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Cloud Management

Meraki’s cloud based management provides centralized visibility & control over Meraki’s wired & wireless networking hardware, without the cost and complexity of wireless controllers or overlay management systems. Integrated with Meraki’s entire product portfolio, cloud management provides feature rich, scalable, and intuitive centralized management for networks of any size.

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Cisco Meraki

Technology in the Cloud, very powerful to improve the IT process of your company. We are an Authorized Channel of the Meraki line

Cloud-managed architecture

Built on the award-winning Cisco Meraki cloud architecture, we are the industry’s best 100% cloud-managed solution for Unified Threat Management (UTM) and SD-WAN on a single device. MX device self-provisioning, which automatically pulls policies and configuration settings from the cloud. Powerful remote management tools provide network-wide visibility and control, and enable management without the need for on-site networking expertise.

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Network Traffic Management and Analysis

We analyze and manage all the traffic on your network and your company’s Internet connection to make it more reliable, avoid errors in the network, we use tools that analyze the data consumption of your network traffic and discover the causes of incidents. We also identify bottlenecks and security leaks.

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Cyber Security and Firewall Management

Mept Squared we take care of your cybersecurity, we offer all the specialized services to manage cyber risks, we provide you with advanced technology protection against cyber attacks and computer protection.

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Wifi Installation and Management

Mept Squared We are a company specialized in providing efficient tools for the management and control of WiFi networks at a business level. We configure and monitor your WiFi devices remotely and physically.

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Structured Cabling Installations

At Mept Squared we have a team specialized in the implementation, installation and maintenance of structured cabling in offices and buildings for your company.

We carry out all kinds of installation of the connectivity infrastructure in structured cabling and fiber optics with a quality system.

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Telecom Solutions

Mept Squared supplies the necessary telephony tools and solutions according to customer needs. such as VoIP phone solutions for remote work, softphone applications for computers and smartphones. On-site and Cloud VoIP PBX Phone Systems, Traditional Analog / Digital TDM PBX Phone Systems. and among other applied technologies.

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CCTV and Access Control Installatios and Mangement

Mept Squared creates control of all your access facilities in real time. Our solution will allow you:

  • Administration from anywhere.
  • Access with electro-mechanical and automated system.
  • Full control of access by user or access point.
  • Programming of authorization or blocking of access to each user.
  • History or income analysis.
  • Access control support
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